Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Playing is so much more enjoyable."

In an email I recently received:  
Just thought I would give you an update now that I have had BE for a couple months. First of all, you should know that I am a former horn major who like you, gave it up to pursue a "safer" profession.  So I got a business degree.  I have kept a horn or two around to play when I felt like it.  Usually, I would practice hard for a couple months and then step back again.   I have always had a good range, but it was a lot of work to stay in shape.  I hoped that BE would help me keep up my chops with the 1/2 hour or hour I have each day.
All I can say is BE delivers.  My range is up to over 5 full octaves.  I can consistently hit high E's (which I never could do, even when I was a horn major).  The great thing is that I know I have made this progress with a strong lip and not pressure.  You have no idea how exciting it was the first time I played the entire long call without feeling shot afterwards!  I can finally focus on the music and not worry about whether I am hurting my embouchure or not.  Playing is so much more enjoyable.  I have even thought about preparing for an audition or two.
From one "amateur" to another, thanks.
  Micah Cooper

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