Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joy Continues on The Balanced Embouchure

My first contact with Andrew Joy was in 2008 when I received his enthusiastic email telling me how happy he was with the results of using the Balanced Embouchure for only 2 months. He commented that the improvements to his embouchure were "fairy tale like!"

In 2010 Andrew was interviewed by Dr. John Ericson for Horn Matters discussing his two years experience with BE.
Around the time of this interview, Andrew wrote me:
"Jeff Smiley is a genius and I'm on a serious mission to tell the world about it!"
Now that Andrew's been using BE for three years, his enthusiasm continues. He recently wrote on Face Book:Link
"The Balanced Embouchure is priceless genius. I spoke with an amateur horn player yesterday. It has also revolutionized her personal horn world and given her access to a greater playing experience. Jeff's a giant!!"
Andrew's concise description of what BE did for this amatuer describes my experience as well.

I agree with Andrew; Jeff Smiley is a genius and a giant!
Thanks Andrew Joy, for sharing your testimonial comments with the world.

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