Monday, August 29, 2011

Julia Rose writes about The Balanced Embouchure

Here's an article Julia Rose recently published on her blog. I'll classify this as a positive BE testimonial!

I'm impressed with Julia, not only for the quality of the article's content, but also for her integrity. I appreciate that she took the time to give BE an honest, thorough investigation and trial period rather than dismissing it as some have without reading the book or trying the exercises.

Many thanks to you, Julia Rose.


  1. Valerie, where does Julia dismiss BE? Her last paragraph makes it clear that she plans to make it a part of her ongoing practice. How is that "dismissing it as useless"?

  2. Bogusman, whoever you are, I'm very grateful you pointed out my error. I originally said exactly the opposite of what I meant to say about Julia's article. DUH! Can I call it a "senior moment?" I've corrected my error. MANY THANKS!